Makiage is the shibori technique in which a wide variety of shapes are stitched, gathered and then bound or capped to complete the resist. It enables the designer to create both abstract patterns and representational pictures or images on fabric of any width. The stand used acts as a third hand which allows the binder to increase the tension and create a crisp design.

Origami shibori
Origami shibori refers to new ways of folding and tying fabric to create the resists. The various folds make possible a wide variety of geometric patterns, usually striped. The techniques and results are very different from itajime or traditional folding and clamping. Hand basting holds the folds in place before tying. The folding techniques can be worked on yardage as well as relatively small narrow widths of fabric. They work well on open weaves such as gauze or chiffon, but can be effective on heavier weaves especially when using dyes mixed from several colors which then penetrate the folds at different rates and result in two or more colors from one bath.